Stickman Rope Hero 2 1.1

Race through the city in 3D as the popular Stickman using rope and swinging skills 

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    Action & Adventure Games

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    Android 2.3

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    9.0 (13)

Stickman Rope Hero 2 may utilize some basic graphics, but it strives to replicate a whole host of innovations from the open world genre popularized in console gaming. Unfortunately, the ambitions of the developers aren't quite matched by their resources and capabilities, and Stickman Rope Hero 2 falls short of the half dozen popular games from which it draws its inspiration. While the systems in place may keep you occupied for a short amount of time, the experience is too scattershot to offer much for dedicated gamers.

While Stickman Rope Hero 2's main user interface draws its inspiration quite obviously from the Grand Theft Auto series of games, the most centered component of the game play experience is the titular rope. And it's here where the developers are clearly riffing off of the Just Cause series as well as the navigational modes from other popular open world games. The rope is a versatile tool, and a clear amount of forethought went into how it was utilized. When used to swing from building to building, it plays quite similarly to the web swinging mechanic of the Spider-Man series. The ability to grapple to edges and then fling yourself freely through the air is ripped straight from the acclaimed Batman: Arkham series. But the most fun comes from the ability to tether yourself to objects. Everything from people to cars can be attached to the far end of your rope, and you can use them to launch yourself across the map, pull objects toward you, or fling them wildly into the air. The wild and imprecise physics engine here could be an asset. This isn't a game that takes itself too seriously, and the unpredictable nature of your actions could lend a lot of mayhem to the open world chaos.

The problem is that there's no weight to anything. The cars fly through the air like toys with practically the same ease as people, and there's little to actually do in the environment. The map is decently sized but populated with faceless stick figures, and the police hardly put up any fight at all. While it's possible to create practically unlimited chaos, that doesn't matter much when there's no one to react reasonably to your actions. The map is similarly as lifeless, resembling a prototype for an early generation 3D game rather than a level in and of itself, and the small amount of missions available here seem similarly half finished here. The same goes for the rudimentary storefront which offers the ability to buy guns and costumes. While there's plenty of promise here, Stickman Rope Hero 2 feels ultimately like a demo of an idea rather than a game in and of itself.


  • Navigation with the rope can be a lot of fun in short bursts
  • A decent variety of guns and vehicles to choose from


  • Map and character textures feel like placeholders
  • Game world is lacking in things to do

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